Terms of Use

Terms of Use | askIT LLC ©2016

Information provided here by askIT tech users is free and not a guarantee that all issues with be immediately solved, or that all questions will be immediately answered. Any product or service that is recommended through our service does not show, either explicitly or implicitly, that askIT LLC endorses the provider or its manufacturer.


Establishment and verification of registered entit(ies).


Each registered user is acting on its own behalf. While listing applications are subject to approval by askIT LLC, any registered user fully accepts consequences of its own actions, whether direct or indirect, up to and including business misrepresentation, fraud, and other negative externalities that may transpire from falsehood, misinformation, malfeasance, or other misappropriation of responsibility as it pertains to the offended entity.


Business Employer/Employee Accounts, Tracking, and Liability


Each employee invited to provision an account by a registered employer to the askIT LLC  website(s) is assumed to be under the umbrella of that registered employer entity and therefore all actions will fall under its care and consideration; in doing so, the same employer entity will also internalize any byproducts of its employee(s) actions. Any listings performed by such employees will be counted under the employer’s parent account, deducted from its allowance under its membership plan, and does not require permission from the parent account when using askIT LLC to promote the employer account, if the employer agreed to the employee’s account being provisioned on the website of askIT LLC. All other employee actions, under the employer’s purview, are done in the name of the employer entity, not askIT LLC, and will be treated as such, under applicable law, as it pertains to business representation, branding, and other marketing considerations that might fall under its own discretion by nature of being its own company.


Support Levels for registered users


The level of support provided for each membership level will vary. For businesses:


·      Our Free Forever business offering will come with limited support. Business profiles, service listings, and job postings can all be managed by the original poster as verified by askIT LLC.

·      Our askPro business offering will come with medium-support for ads. Banner Ads must be appropriately formatted as defined by askIT. Feature requests may be entertained if partnership

·      Our Preferred Provider Membership includes direct communication with the founder. While feature sets may be requested, they are subject to approval by askIT LLC (see section 1b).


*To become a Preferred Provider, askIT will work with you to ensure we are adequately representing each other. By letting us endorse you, you are implicitly endorsing us, and we want to make the best of this relationship. For this reason, a criterion set must be met in order for us reach this relationship level. Contact Austin@askIT.support for more information.


Feature Accrual and Membership Tracking


Membership plans with annualized features, or annualized feature sets, are placed on a timer which starts upon the first second of confirmed membership. The timer will reset on all of these features if/when your membership is upgraded to another level. If your membership is canceled without having used all of your annualized features, no pro rate refunds or appropriations will be provided. Should you downgrade to a lower membership plan in the middle of an annual feature set, those unused features not included in the lower membership plan will expire.


[add monthly accrual notes]


1b. Feature Requests


In the Preferred Provider Membership model, monthly rates include potential website feature requests as it pertains to you, your company, and its representation on the website of askIT LLC by way of listings, mentions, blogs, ad-space, and other promotions relating to your business. Each request will be evaluated based on viability, feasibility, affordability, whether it might serve detrimental to other site users or their experience, both in terms of financial costs and human resource costs, employment or otherwise.


Ad-space rotation and frequency


How much ad-space and frequency is to be determined.