Two weeks ago, we discussed the top IT job skills in demand, but that is only half of the battle. The next step is being in a position to accept the jobs you are capable of doing. After all, there are a lot of good abilities, but availability is by far the best. Like any industry, highly technical occupations often congregate in certain regions; think of automobiles in Detroit, oil refineries dominating the Gulf States, or Wisconsin's cheesy pastures. Silicon Valley was the original, and only, home to tech for many years. But the times, they are a-changin'.



As you can see in the CompTIA Cyberstates 2017 highlights above, the top state is still California; yes, Silicon Valley is still the king. However, there are a lot of competitors to the throne, many of which are on the East Coast. Increased cost of living and stagnating wages have forced many to look for a fresh start outside of bustling cities. Better technology has also allowed for more remote and freelance workers, making an international teleconference easier to attend than an on-campus meeting at some larger corporations. This has increased the likelihood that workers will choose to live close to family or in cheaper suburbs, maybe several states away. Tes mass migration of sorts has given rise to various technical job pockets across the country.



Digging deeper into the reports, we see incredible growth in technical occupations across the country. Utah has seen phenomenal growth as the IT industry floods into Salt Lake City; some have even called it the new Silicon Valley. Moving a little more east and we come to Texas. Despite its absence from the list above, Austin, TX has made a splash in the tech world, even gaining the nickname 'Silicon Hills'. Farther east you say? Currently, 4 of the top 12 states for IT job growth are in the Southeast: NC (5.9%), GA (3.3%), SC (3.3%), and FL (3.1%). So, while other job markets are falling flat in the South, the IT industry is booming in the lower Atlantic states. 

Wherever you want to move, we would love to have you in tech. If you are ever in the Carolinas, you should come by and say 'hello'.

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