The technical job market is a complicated and ever-changing environment. The technology of yesterday can be forgotten just that quickly, bankrupting an entire industry and leaving thousands unemployed. Producers of HD DVD's, satellite car telephones, cassette tapes, Polaroid cameras, and the Blackberry phone probably thought they would be making those products for years to come. Telephone providers lost millions to cable companies before they got in the high-speed internet game themselves. Even today, companies like Uber and Apple are getting into the self-driving car market so they aren't left behind by automotive giants like Ford and GM.

There is only one thing clear through all of the change -- things will continue to change. That can be a scary thought for anyone in the job market, whether you have just spent four years learning about your chosen specialty or you have spent the last ten years actually working in the industry. If want to be in the game you have to have the skills employers will need in the future, not today. With that in mind, let's take a look at the jobs in demand according to the CompTIA 2017 Cyberstates Report

Many of these positions are long-term, stable positions with huge potential for advancement. Additionally, the average tech wage is $108,900; that is nearly double the national average. It isn't just about your job function though. Certain industries are poised for much higher growth, which will ultimately lead to more opportunity to advance for highly-skilled, motivated employees.

While these aren't the only industries in which to find work in the coming years, it is certainly a sign of where the industry as a whole might be heading. With the explosive growth in all technical occupations, there is no time like today to find your niche in the IT job market. For more information about the national IT job scene, download our 2017 IT Professional Employment Outlook. If you are in our part of the world (the Southeast US), we also have a regional version available here.

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