Supporting Veterans in Transition

This year for Veterans Day, we wanted to do something in the upstate community that would drive change, not only in the lives of veterans, but also for businesses who are hiring.  Real change does not happen overnight, but it is a process, and it necessitates community support. With that in mind, we reached out to our community and began to raise funds that would help veterans transition into such technical occupations. While we believe that veterans are capable of performing jobs of all kinds, it is our humble opinion that their disciplinary training is very befitting to jobs in Information Technology (IT). At AskIT, this is what we specialize in, and we are simply happy to be able to help where we can.

Reaching the Goal

Our goal was not to just place veterans in any IT job out there. Our focus was on the mid-level skills that would allow veterans to not only find a foothold in the industry, but to also experience success, support their families, and to potentially see a new career path. To accomplish this, any funds that we raised were earmarked for IT training, exam vouchers, and future job placement services. We are proud to announce that we were able to exceed our fundraising goal!

Supporting Partnerships

While we are excited for this success, we cannot say that we did it alone! We are thankful to have partnered with Creating IT Futures, the philanthropic arm of CompTIA. With its education program, IT-ready, they are able to help displaced workers, students, minorities, veterans, and military spouses get into the IT industry. Creating IT Futures Foundation matched each dollar that we raised in the form of CompTIA exam vouchers.  We are very thankful for their partnership and openness to help.

We also would not have reached out goal without Black Harbor Wealth Management, who has not only been a friend to us, but has helped our business grow. Black Harbor provides financial advisory services to those at retirement age. Having helped our veterans in the upstate, they are invested in the community. If you are looking to reinvent your retirement plan, they are the people to talk to!

The Next Step | Getting in Touch

Now that our fundraiser has concluded, we are able to start getting our assistance program in order. What we raised will allow us to help as many as 10 veterans gain a certification for a job in IT. For those interested, they can reach our CEO, Austin Sanderson, at Austin@askIT.support. Please feel free to connect us with any veterans looking to make a career change!

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