Why move to Greenville?

Greenville, SC is a growing community that is leading the way for the state of South Carolina.  We have excellent city planning, art, culture, and eateries. In this growing economy, there is something for everyone. It is among the top 10 small cities to start a business, raise a family, and is also a great place for young professionals. If you're thinking of moving to Upstate SC, check out some of the information below. 

Low Costs of Living + Better Standards

Greenville Metro is among the Top 3 SC cities least affected by inflation. The cost-of-living in Greenville is also well below the national index at approximately 92, according to the 2016 Salary Report for Tech Professionals by Robert Half Technology. In the recent CompTIA 2016 Cyberstates report, the average wage in the SC tech industry is $74,309. Adjusting for the cost-of-living, this is closer to $80K annually. These figures indicate that Upstate SC benefits from a swell in which you can enjoy both a lower cost of living and relatively high purchasing power.  In a report by Forbes, Greenville, SC is ranked 12th on their most Affordable American Cities list. 

...Upstate SC benefits from a swell in which you can enjoy both a lower cost of living, relatively high purchasing power, and achieve a better standard of living. When considering a basket of goods and services that we regularly consume, high purchasing power means that we will get more bang for our buck. 

Growing Tech Needs

Included in the SC Top 5 occupational job categories, these three have the highest annual growth rates for 2015. The following stats are also from the CompTIA 2016 Cyberstates report.                  

  1. Computer Systems Analysts - 4.5% growth
  2. Computer User Support Specialists - 4.2% growth
  3. Network and Computer Systems Administrators - 3.2% growth

But that's not all. The Upstate area has an ever-increasing need for tech talent in order to grow to the next phase. 

If you are an IT Professional, and tired of competing in larger tech markets, you could end up with greater returns on your time by relocating to Upstate SC.

As entrepreneurial activity in the area increases, we are seeing more development in terms of IT infrastructure and tech startups. Because of this, there is also a greater need for infrastructure professionals (Cloud and IoT) and web developers. Feel free to contact us for information about opportunities in the area. We can connect you with the right people. 

Excellent Education Opportunities

To provide an inside/outside view, we interviewed Mr. Matthew Moore, former instructor and basketball coach at Eastside High School in Greenville. Mr. Moore created the first interactive classroom by using IdeaPaint on all tables and walls. He also created and taught a new course in Film Criticism.  After obtaining his Masters from Furman University in School Leadership, Mr. Moore went on to become English Department Chair at Dulles High School in Sugar Land, TX. Here is what he has to say for the Greenville County school system:

Greenville schools are very well-organized with intentional planning. There are dedicated curriculum writers, and curriculums are updated nearly every year. There are also a lot of different types of schools: engineering, math, sciences, and entrepreneurial. This allows for parents to opt into classrooms outside of the standard “geocoded” district schools. Greenville district has the highest percentage of students attending on choice, and Greenville County has more instructors with higher degrees than any other school in the state, where approximately 70% of faculty have a Masters degree or better. The area also boasts multiple sports championships including basketball and track.

Looking beyond what Greenville offers in terms of K-12 education, the Upstate is home to Clemson University, a top-20 ranked Public institution. The Clemson University MBA program is also located right downtown Greenville, with multiple degree programs tailored for both part-time and full-time professionals.

  • Programs include: Traditional MBA, MBA in Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics, and other Clemson masters degrees in Marketing, Accounting, and Real Estate Development

Resources for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Upstate SC is also a great entrepreneurial hub with excellent resources for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Here are some of those resources: 

  • Small Business Development Center
  • NEXT, Inc. 
  • The Founder Institute 
  • The Iron Yard - a coding school and start-up accelerator
  • Endeavor Greenville and OpenWorks offer affordable office space in downtown Greenville
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