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We hear a lot about automation, but it's hard to say what that all means in the enterprise world. What is hype and what is going to become reality, and how can IT leaders prepare for the sweeping changes that are soon to come?
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Autonomous agents, or smart agents, will exist at some point in the future, but it is still not clear how smart they will be, or what their capabilities are going to look like. The main reason is because we are still figuring out how to tell them what to do. For this to happen, we have to rethink our strategies a little. Otherwise, smart agents will neither be practical or functional. Here's a bird's eye view of what changes we are already seeing, and will see, in the IT landscape...

  1. An increase in software developers with an emphasis in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
    • This is knowledge-intensive, meaning that someone with subject matter expertise in the area of automation would be crucial to this development
  2. A refocus of our energies towards what smart agents can do in our lives or our companies
    • We will be reassessing and evaluating how much human input is required to create a fully automatic process or smart agent. And then, where does this human input, or data, come from? 
  3. A forward-thinking mentality about both safety and security is prudent
    • We will be discussing the amount of regulatory oversight required, or how to best secure the micro-networks that are created to send/receive information. 

An increase in smart agents does not mean jobs will be immediately lost. Technology that drives such automation is still in development, and it has many moving parts. It also must be functionally integrated with current systems, as well as people's lives, in order to be a success. This is a process, not an event, and it will require continuous input by humans (both technical and non-technical).  In a recent Gartner report, it is aptly explained that we are starting the shift from "technology-literate people, to people-literate technology"

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