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What are the best tricks to minimize data usage? For example, how important is HD video and other features when it comes to iPhone use? I know there is probably a lot more you can do to keep track of all this, so any information would be helpful. Thanks!

asked Jun 15, 2016 in iOS by Keith | 229 views

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If you don't have access to WiFi, it's all about conservation tactics. You have to know what apps and activities use the most data. If you do any of the following things, you can make changes to minimize data usage. 

Any time you are streaming any type of media content like videos or audiobooks, you are using a fair amount of data. 

Email is also important if you are someone who gets a lot of email. 

  • If you use the built-in Mail app, you can turn off Push so you aren't constantly having email downloaded wherever you are. 

Internet browsing can also use a fair amount of data, so you can set your phone browser to help you out here. 

  • Check out how to use Reader View on Safari, which limits ads and images (only available on certain sites). 
  • Make sure you check out Chrome's Data Saver feature.
  • Opera Mini is an alternate browser that compresses images before displaying a page. 

If you do not want to have to monitor apps or activities, you can turn off Cellular data usage when you want to. If you want clarification on anything, don't hesitate to ask a question! 

answered Jun 15, 2016 by Austin Sanderson 1 (37 points)
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